Workshops and Training

The Cicerone Group offers a variety of short, focused sessions to help your staff improve their service management skills:
Making the Business Case for Service
– Demonstrating return on investment is a key part of any successful service improvement program. This workshop introduces participants to proven approaches for measuring service ROI. It focuses on identifying and measuring specific customer behaviors, operational metrics and financial outcomes that can be linked to investments in service quality. It also demonstrates methods for using customer feedback metrics, such as satisfaction and willingness to refer, as predictors of behavior and profitability.

Managing Voice of the Customer (VOC) – The capture and management of customer feedback is essential for quality improvement efforts, early warning of problems, service recovery, and just keeping track of what your customers are saying about your organization. This course shows you how to create an appropriate framework for collecting and managing voice of the customer feedback. It examines sources of information, data collection tools, simple analytical techniques, and methods for taking effective managerial action.

Writing Effective Surveys – Customers and employees are often inundated by surveys, many of which are overly long and poorly designed, resulting in annoyed respondents, low return rates and confusing or misleading data. This course will help you use surveys the right way. It walks you through the basics of survey design, distribution, analysis and reporting, and also discusses when surveys should and should not be used. It is a simple, non-technical primer for anyone who wants to write surveys that produce clear, useful information.

Managing with Service Quality Metrics – This course teaches participants how to use service quality metrics, such as customer satisfaction and loyalty data, to improve business and employee performance. The workshop familiarizes participants with commonly available sources of service quality data, and discusses the merits and uses of various measures. Participants discuss specific metrics that are available in their own organizations, and create a strategy for using this information more effectively in their day-to-day work.

Customer Impact Assessment (CIA) – Participants are introduced to a proven approach for anticipating and measuring the “ripple effects” that result from changes in processes, products and policies. Organizations often make changes that solve a specific need, but that create unanticipated problems for customers or employees. The result for customers can be dissatisfaction, increased complaints and lost business. The result for employees can be frustration, errors and lower productivity. Making sure that ripple effects are recognized and minimized can improve your customer relations and help your organization avoid costly missteps.

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