Case Studies

Re-energizing Service

The customer satisfaction ratings for a national retail bank had been flat for nearly seven years – a period when satisfaction in the banking industry as a whole had been improving. As a result, the bank had lost much of its service advantage over its key competitors. . . [Read more]

Branded Service Culture

A Fortune 500, multi-brand hospitality company needed to better differentiate its hotel brands from one another, as well as from competing brands . . . The ideal guest experience was defined for each of the brands, integrating unique combinations of marketing, facility design features and service style . . . [Read more]

Using Employee Engagement Data to Drive Business Results

From a strategic viewpoint, employee engagement surveys can be invaluable. For team-level managers and supervisors, however, the survey results are often less useful. In the following case study, we looked at a consumer bank’s existing employee engagement data, and “re-tooled” the reporting to make it more useful for front-line managers . . . [Read more]

The Mystery of the Missing Loyalty Effect

It would be nice if the link between customer loyalty and profit were simple, clear and easy to prove. The theory is certainly attractive . . . [Read more]