Service-Profit Linkage Analysis

What is it?
A method for determining the ROI of your service programs.

Why is it important?
Improving your organization’s service quality can be expensive – it may require investment in such areas as training, measurement, technology and employee incentives. Unless you are able to demonstrate a positive return on these investments, they may not be supported over the long run. By making a solid business case for your service programs you help ensure that they will continue to receive the funding necessary to make them successful.

What does it look like?
The Cicerone Group partners with professional staff in your organization to:

  • Identify internal data sources related to customer behaviors and profitability, such as retention, revenue and cost-to-serve,
  • Link this information to customer feedback data, such as satisfaction ratings, loyalty indicators and referral activity,
  • Determine relevant relationships between these data sources, and
  • Produce formulas and simulation tools that allow you to calculate expected return from changes in service quality.

We also offer workshops on Making the Business Case for Service

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