Service Chain Measurement Programs

What is it?
Three feedback and measurement programs focused on your internal service delivery.

Why is it important?
In customer-focused organizations, everyone contributes to delivering great service – even if the “customer” is another employee or department. Service Chain measurement ensures that all employees and managers receive actionable feedback from their customers, and that they have clear measures to benchmark their service performance, set targets for improvement, and track their success.

What does it look like?
The Cicerone Group offers three internal measurement programs:

  • Service Climate is a survey distributed periodically to all employees in the organization. It tells you how well your organization is aligned overall to support service. Key features:

o    Examines each component of service support, including tools, technology, policies, communication, incentives and management capability
o    Pinpoints internal service delivery gaps and bottlenecks
o    Provides actionable reporting to managers at every level and in each functional area of the organization

  • D2D© measures service quality and satisfaction between back-office departments. Key features:

o    Provides department satisfaction feedback from internal customers
o    Establishes service quality benchmarks and relevant performance targets
o    Drives consistent service standards and accountability throughout the organization

  • Service Handshake© focuses on the partnership between front-line personnel and the teams that directly support them. Key features:

o    Provides continuous feedback to direct support groups from front-line service and sales employees
o    Aligns back-office performance with the service requirements of end-customers
o    Feeds operational process improvement efforts

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