Organizational Alignment

What is it?
A process for coordinating and managing your organization’s overall service effort across departments and functions.

Why is it important?
Often, the biggest challenge to creating a successful service initiative is to make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. The Cicerone Group provides a tested method and set of tools for getting all the key players together, aligned and focused on the tasks needed to create a service-leading enterprise.

What does it look like?
We work with your management team to create an effective governance and information-sharing structure for coordinating your service initiative. Objectives are clearly defined, tasks are detailed, accountability is assigned and progress is tracked. Our method uses simple, tested tools that allow you to manage your service initiative across multiple functions, including:

  • Recruitment, hiring and new employee on-boarding
  • Training and knowledge management
  • Internal communications
  • Performance criteria and assessment
  • Rewards, recognition and incentives
  • Tools and systems

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