Operationalize Your Brand

What is it?
A process to align your service delivery with your brand promise.

Why is it important?
Effective branding differentiates you from competitors, attracts new customers and creates expectations about your service quality and style. If your service fails to support your brand promise it can result in customer disappointment and defection. Brand operationalization builds internal standards, knowledge and capabilities among your employees so they can reinforce your brand promise with every service interaction.

What does it look like?
Our process begins by recruiting a “Service Braintrust” from among your organization’s top performers, bringing front-line and back-office employees together. Through a series of facilitated sessions, this group translates your brand attributes into specific service behaviors that can be trained and reinforced in every part of your organization. These branded service behaviors are incorporated into a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Internal communications
  • Branded service training
  • Manager toolkits
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Measurement and success tracking

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