Customer Impact Assessment (CIA)

What is it?
A method for managing the “ripple effects” that result from changes to processes, products or policies, and that may have a negative impact on your customers or employees.

Why is it important?
Organizations often make changes that solve a specific need, but that create unanticipated problems for customers or employees. The result for customers can be dissatisfaction, increased complaints and lost business. The result for employees can be frustration, errors and lower productivity. Making sure that ripple effects are recognized and minimized can improve your customer relations and help your organization avoid costly missteps.

What does it look like?

CIA is designed to integrate with your existing process improvement methodology. It combines training and tools that assist your project sponsors and managers in determining:

  • Which customers or employees are likely to be affected by a proposed change
  • How their experience will be altered
  • What specific behaviors or attitudes may change as a result
  • How those changes will be measured
  • What the effect will be on revenue or cost

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