Competitor Comparison Study

What is it?
This study reveals how your organization’s service delivery stacks up to your key competitors. It tells you exactly what each competitor is doing at every point of interaction and at every stage of the customer lifecycle. With this information you can “reverse engineer” your competitors’ service approach, revealing comparative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for differentiation.

Why is it important?
Service can be a highly effective competitive differentiator, creating customer awareness, preference and positive word-of-mouth.  Knowing how your service quality and style compare to your competitors allows you to develop an approach that is truly distinctive, and that drives customer loyalty, profitability and share-of-wallet.

What does it look like?
We combine observational and survey research techniques to reveal details about your competition’s service delivery across a range of factors, including greeting, knowledge, attitude, responsiveness, sales approach and problem handling skills. We also collect any sales or on-boarding materials shared with new customers, and record follow-up contacts made by competitors after the point of sale. You receive a detailed report on each company included in the study, and a matrix comparing the service strengths and weaknesses of competitors in your industry.

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