Build Customer Focus

What is it?
A process to integrate your organization’s service philosophy, expectations and standards into every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Why is it important?
To build a customer-focused workforce, the importance and role of service need to be consistently defined, reinforced and rewarded. From recruitment and hiring criteria, to new employee orientation and training, to performance management, rewards and recognition, a consistent vocabulary and set of expectations around service quality will help ensure customer-focused outcomes.

What does it look like?
The Cicerone Group partners with your Human Resources team to:

  • Review current recruiting, on-boarding, training, performance management, recognition and compensation/incentive programs to identify existing service messages and expectations
  • Incorporate consistent messaging in all employee-facing materials, built around a pre-established “vocabulary” of customer-focused terms and concepts
  • Introduce performance requirements and review criteria that reinforce key service behaviors
  • Adapt or create service-related rewards and recognition

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